Catallaxy offers online first service, which is also referred to as 'publish ahead of print', 'publish before print', 'continuous publishing'. It allows completed articles, which are in queue for assignment to an upcoming issue, to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final online journal issue. The main objective of the online first is to allow an author’s research to reach its audience as quickly as possible. Therefore, it enables an article to receive grater usage and exposure, including earlier citation opportunities.

Citation of Online First article

Online first article is citeable using the Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). DOI are assigned to each article published in the Catallaxy journal and is permanently linked to the URL of the article published on the Economic Publishing Platform. Information such as volume, issue, and page numbers are not allocated to online first articles as that information is not known until the issue is completed. These article should be cited as follows:

Autor, A.A., & Autor, B.B. (year). Title of the article. Catallaxy. Advance online publication. doi:10.24136.XXXX

The article get counted in the calculation of Impact Factors provided it is cited according to above given rules.

Final version of the article

After the online first article is assigned to a specific issue, new citations should be made using volume and page number information, while still using the DOI:

Autor, A.A., & Autor, B.B. (year). Title of the article. Catallaxy, volume(issue). doi:10.24136.XXXX

The final version of the article does not differ from the version published in online first. Any corrections that might be necessary have to be made according to the procedure described on the journal's website and Crossmark Policy Page. The reader after clicking on the Crossmark logo at each article has access to information on all changes made to the content of the article.